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Developmental Editing for Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors

Just like a trunk supports the limbs of a tree, your story relies on core elements to be strong:





Sometimes we get so into our stories it’s hard to tell if our trunk is thick and strong, if it’s gone a bit wonky, or become so weak it falls over in the slightest breeze.

Going Overboard to Help You

In my youth, I pursued the practical career path. I earned my BS and an MS degree in physics with the promise of stable employment and a decent salary.

Working in science and engineering was indeed stable. The salary was more than decent. Over a decade of it sucked out my creative soul. So I left to pursue a career in writing. Another decade plus of writing for other people and I found my soul just as empty.

I took a leap and returned to school, this time to feed my creative side. I’ve earned my MA in English and Creative Writing and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

See? Overboard. Who needs four degrees? Me, apparently.

Graphic showing the letters B.S. for Bachelor of Science degree.
Graphic showing the letters M.S. for Master of Science degree.
Graphic showing the letters M.A. for Master of Arts degree.
Graphic showing the letters MFA for Master of Fine Arts degree.

Degrees are great, but how do they help you?

My hard science background means I know how to problem solve and analyze. My creative writing degrees taught me about story, structure, editing and how to give useful feedback. This means I have years of experience to put to work on your project. It’s a combination you won’t find anywhere else.

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