Who am I?

Geeky, creative and proud to be both

I’m a proud geek. No, a proud creative geek. But throw your stereotypes away. What it means is that I’m just as happy writing as rebuilding a computer. And when the two collide, I’m in heaven.   

My educational background is in Physics, but my work experience includes everything from drug testing to systems engineering. That variety means I have a depth of knowledge I bring to every project that you aren’t likely to find elsewhere. It also means I’m often able to act as a liaison, or technical ambassador, to bridge the gap between your engineers or subject experts, and your potential customers. Because not everyone who uses technology understands it. 

Most often the decision makers need to understand the value of what you offer, which can be hard for their technical teams to convey (in my experience anyway). Creating content that can speak to all the people involved in the buying process isn’t always easy – unless you have a copywriter that knows how.

What it’s like to work with me

How do you start a project? 

Every project starts with an initial consultation – which is always free. Once I have an idea of what it is you want, and we both agree I’m a good fit for the work, I’ll either send a custom proposal or a project agreement. When we all sign off on it, work will begin. 

Do you have a standard process you follow? 

Yes, and no. I do have a process I use that involves an exchange of information via documents and interviews. But often companies have an established process they prefer to use, so I’m fine working with their preferences.  

What about revisions? 

My policy on revisions is that I will work with you on a piece until you are happy with it – provided you give me specific feedback within 30 days of delivery. After 30 days there will be a revision charge.

What clients say…

What I have to offer

Custom Quote

I can provide custom quotes for any project you have in mind. Choose a single service you want, or bundle the ones you need to get a single project price.

Website Triple Checkup

Get an analysis of your existing website in terms of content, usability and SEO. You’ll find out how you compare to your competitors, strengths and weaknesses. Then receive a plan to improve in the future.

Content Kickstarter

Finally get a jump on the content you need to meet your marketing goals. Blogs, downloadable reports, and a content plan to keep you going for months.

Launch It!

It’s a top to bottom, bottom to top, look at your business’ online presence (or what it should be if you don’t have one) followed by action-packed copywriting to create the website and content your business needs to succeed

First consultations are free

Starting a new project isn't always easy. But I'm here to make it as smooth as possible for you. Just email me and we can set up a time to chat about your needs, free of charge.



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