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I get it. I’m one of you.

You want your story to be the best it can be.

You know it’s not there, but struggle to identify why.

You might have been working on it for years and doubt you have the skills to write it.

That’s me. That’s all writers, honest ones, at some point in their journey.

Those feelings drove me to return to school, study the craft, get feedback, learn to edit, and become a better writer. In that process, I discovered I enjoy helping others bring their stories to life.

And I love science fiction and fantasy. The things writers can dream up are endless! I’m amazed and inspired by almost everything I read. 

I’m a confirmed indie author and write under my alter ego C.P. Night,  a spacey nightowl.  My stories take place in the Myriadu, the name for my universe. You can find out more on my author website

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