How the Launch It! package works: A case study

Background:  My client is a small family run business offering a cloud based communications service. They worked remotely, coordinating their business using email and online project management tools. They were “surviving” as a business in a competitive industry. 

Goal:  The company wanted to accelerate their growth with an exit strategy of being acquired by a larger brand.  To do that they needed to increase their online traffic and increase new account signups.

Challenge:  With a small team of mostly family members, they didn’t have the resources to dedicate to content creation or website copy. But they knew that their website and its content would drive future business.  

Solution:  They chose my Launch It! package so they could relaunch their brand with a new competitive website. The Website Triple Checkup revealed many usability issues with their existing website, plus highlighted their weaknesses and strengths against their competitors offers and messaging.   I provided new web copy, downloadable content, plus blogs on topics relevant to their prospects. In addition, they invested in their technical framework to improve some of the weaknesses in their product identified during this process.   

Outcome:  Two short years after completing the work, plus additional blog posts and downloadable content, the company has grown significantly. They’ve been able to:

  • Hire more account managers and support staff
  • Move into an office in a central location to accommodate their growing business.
  • Develop additional services for their flagship product. 

The customer focused website, consistent addition of content, SEO improvements, and investments into their technical framework has led them to be in a great position for their exit strategy in just 3-4 years.