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My Goal Is to Help You Help Yourself

Visual of Big Picture items in a developmental edit including characterization, plot, pacing, and setting.

After you’ve lived and breathed your story to the point you know you want—and need—feedback, I’ll look at it with a fresh, objective viewpoint.

I’ll look at the big picture items then pose questions that will prod you to think about the story, how the pieces fit together, and changes that you might want to make. I’ll offer suggestions too, but never intend to dictate what you should do. It’s your story. It’s your style. You decide what feedback feels right to you, and you implement the changes however you think is best.

Ready to Get Started?

Visual of Big Picture items in a developmental edit including characterization, plot, pacing, and setting.

How It Works

My specialty is science fiction and fantasy novels and novellas. I love writing and reading short stories too, but longer works is where I can be the most help as a developmental editor.

I use Microsoft Word for editing. I can accept Google docs too, but know that I’ll convert it to a Word document to do my work but can send it back as a Google doc.

A flowchart showing the process I use in developmental editing your manuscript from a sample edit to the final review.

The first step is a free sample edit. I’ll look through your story and give you feedback on the first chapter or the first 3000 words (which ever is shorter).

Why a free sample? Everyone is different. Personalities are different. Sometimes writer and editor “get” each other and the relationship is productive. Sometimes they just don’t click. The sample edit helps us determine where you and I fall in that range.

If we’re both feeling like we want to continue after this edit, we’ll hammer out the details (pricing and deadlines mostly).

If you don’t think I’m a good fit, then that’s fine too. You have my well wishes for every success.

And I’ll be honest. If I don’t think you’re ready for a dev edit, I’ll let you know. You’ll still get the free sample plus a short recommendation of craft areas for you to focus on.

What Will It Cost?

My rates are simple. I charge just $.01 per word. That makes the math easy for everyone!

A table listing the pricing for a developmental edit for various word counts at $.01/word.

This includes an editorial letter with a detailed analysis of the plot, setting, character, pacing, hook, and inline comments that highlight the analysis.

Ready to Get Started?

So what will you get?

I use a template to evaluate your story. This helps me stay focused, objective, and provides a structure for you to follow as you read the feedback. Here’s a visual summary of what it looks like.

Pictures are nice, but nothing beats seeing the real thing.

Want to read a sample edit? Click the button to see one. It’ll open as a PDF in a new tab.

Ready to See If We're a Good Fit?